Doctoral (PhD) student position in Animal Biotechnology at the Institute of Biotechnology and Biomedicine (IBB), UAB

The group of Comparative Molecular Physiology from the IBB led by Joan Cerdà (https://ibb.uab.cat/) is offering a 4-year PhD student contract fund-ed by the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación to work in the project: VESICLE-TARGETED PROTEIN ENGINEERING: A NOVEL BIOTECHNOLOGICAL APPROACH FOR THE CRYOPRESERVATION OF FISH OOCYTES AND EMBRYOS (CRYOYOLK) (PID2019-103868RB-I00).
The group is investigating the molecular basis of germ cell (male and fe-male gametes) formation and function towards the development of bio-technological inventions for animal production and conservation biology. The CRYOYOLK project aims to apply our discovery of a novel protein traf-ficking domain to engineer molecular pathways that can facilitate the cryo-preservation of highly yolked (megalecithal) oocytes and embryos (fish and amphibians). This pioneering biotechnology will be combined with the ex-pression of aquaporins and biostabilization-enhancing molecules evolved in anhydrobiotic organisms. Both technologies will be then used to engineer transient desiccation- and freeze-tolerance in megalecithal oocytes and embryos.
The doctoral student is expected to acquire broad knowledge and system-atic understanding of the main research fields encompassed in the thesis work including cell biology of aquaporins and late embryogenesis-abundant (LEA) proteins, genomics, proteomics and cryobiology. This will be accomplished through working on the project under supervision, taking relevant courses and participate in seminars and journal clubs. The student is also expected to develop excellent scientific writing and deliver high-quality publications in international peer-reviewed journals, as well as give presentations at scientific meetings.
Applicants should have a solid background in molecular and cell biology or biochemistry, a degree in Biology, Biotechnology, Veterinary or Biomedi-cine, and good English skills. An academic record of 2 or higher is required.
To apply send a letter of motivation with a description of technical skills, CV, and relevant references to joan.cerda@uab.cat