Aurora Ruiz-Herrera Moreno

Personal information

Email: aurora.ruizherrera@uab.cat

Unit: Genomics in Evolution and Disease

Group: Genome Integrity and Instability

Category: Professor Agregat

Lab phone: 935811379

Academic information and publications


Academic background

  • Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB), Barcelona, Spain.
  •  B.Sc. Majors: Cell Biology. UAB, Barcelona (Spain). June 1998. 

Current position and relevant tasks

  • Professora Agregada. Department of Cell Biology, UAB. Since September 2013.
  • Coordinator of the postgraduate course “Cytogenetics and Evolution” in the PhD program in Cell Biology, UAB Since 2009.
  •  Coordinator of the Histology section of course “Cell Biology and Histology” conducted in two Graduate Schools (Genetics and Microbiology), UAB. Since 2009.
  • Member of the teaching team of (i) the postgraduate course “Principles of Human Evolution” in the PhD program in Human Biology, UAB (Spain) and (ii) pre-graduate courses conducted in three Grad Schools (Graduate in Biology, Genetics and Microbiology), UAB. Since 2009.
  •  Handling Editor of Heredity, one of two journals belonging to the Genetics Society. Since April 2012.
  • Member of the Editorial Board for the The Scientific World Journal (TSWJ). Since Nov 2011.

Previous positions

  • Lecturer in Cell Biology. Department of Cell Biology, UAB. December'08-September'13.
  • Post-doctoral Fellow. Università di Pavia, Pavia (Italy). Advisor: E. Giulotto. June’07-December’08.
  • Post-doctoral Fellow. University of Stellenbosch (South Africa). Advisor: T.J. Robinson. January’05-June’07.
  • Teaching assistant in Cell Biology. UAB (Spain). March’03-December’04.
  • Pre-doctoral Fellow. UAB (Spain). Advisors: M.Garcia and M. Ponsà. January’99-June’03.
  • Teaching assistant in Cell Biology. UAB (Spain). November ’98-December ’98.

Fellowships, Honors and Awards 

  • 2011  “Tram de Recerca 2005-2010”, Research Acreditation (period 2005-2010). Agència de la Qualitat Universitària (AQU).
  • 2010 “Profesor Titular de Universidad” Acreditation, Agencia Nacional de Evaluación de la Calidad y Acreditación (ANECA).
  • 2010  “Tram de Recerca 1999-2004”, Research Acreditation (period 1999-2004). Agència de la Qualitat Universitària (AQU).
  • 2009 “Professor Agregat” Acreditation, Agència de la Qualitat Universitària (AQU), Spain.
  • 2007 - 2008: Intra-European Fellowship from the FP6 EURATOM program supported by the European Commission
  • 2006 1st price for the best oral presentation at the Second Congress of the International Cytogenetic and Genome Society (ICGS). University of Canterbury, Kent (UK)
  • 2006 Invited professor, Cell Biology PhD program, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2006 “Professor Lector” Acreditation, Agència de la Qualitat Universitària (AQU), Spain.
  • 2006 - 2007: Post-doctoral research fellowship supported by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (MEC) (Spain).
  • 2005 - 2006: Post-doctoral research fellowship supported by the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa).





I am interested at addressing a whole range of different evolutionary questions through a multidisciplinary approach, combining computational and experimental methods such as available genome databases and a battery of molecular, cytogenetic and cell biology, and by studying the genomes of different mammalian species. We propose to deepen and extend our past work on the study of evolutionary breakpoints in a wide range of mammalian species and to open new research avenues in the study of genome evolution (see our web site: http://grupsderecerca.uab.cat/evolgenom/en/content/research). 


Selected list of publications (for a complete list see http://grupsderecerca.uab.cat/evolgenom/en/content/research)


1.     M. Farré, T.J. Robinson, A. Ruiz-Herrera. An Integrative Breakage Model of genome architecture, reshuffling and evolution. Bioessays 37(5):479-88, 2015.

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