I belong to the Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas y Tecnológicas (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba-CONICET) in Argentina.



My studies are focused on the modulation of the structure-function of proteins in heterogeneous systems. Particularly I have been working with a soluble beta galactosidase protein as a model. In our laboratory we apply biochemical and biophysical techniques to aboard our studies. We have demonstrated that the enzyme interacts with multillamellar vesicles, and in this condition, the protein acquires superactivity and thermostability. I have also demonstrated that in complex systems, like protein aggregates (inclusion bodies), the enzyme was still active. But in this format the enzyme displays particular kinetic properties, like for example the resistance to pH inactivation. In this context, I would like to take my investigation further including other type of proteins, especially those involved in animal diseases.

I am working in Nanobiotechnology group (IBB) until January 2018. In this period of time I will improve my expertise in molecular biology to produce and purify other proteins, such as SAA3, in their soluble form or as aggregates (inclusion bodies). The project objective is the evaluation of the performance of the protein in each format.