Lucía Álvarez-González and Gala Pujol Infantes win best oral presentation awards from the Societat Catalana de Biologia

Lucía Álvarez-González and Gala Pujol Infantes are two young scientists currently developing their PhD thesis under the supervision of Aurora Ruiz-Herrera from the Genome Integrity and Instability Research group, at IBB.

Lucía Álvarez-González, who is studying the 3D chromatin structure in mammalian cells won the XIV Antoni Prevosti prize that is given to the best oral communication by a young investigator in the XXI Jornades de Biologia Evolutiva. This meeting was held on the 29th of June at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans and it is organised by SCB every summer since 2001.

One month later, on the July 22th, Gala won the prize to the best oral communication in the Jornades de Aqüicultura also organised by the SCB, that took place last week at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans.

The meeting focused this year on the micro and nano-plastics pollution in the Mediterranean. Gala presented an ongoing project in collaboration with Nerea Roher and Mariana Teles from the Evolutionary Immunology Group at IBB in charge of the organisation of the Jornades.

Congratulations to both Lucía and Gala for this superb recognition as scientific communicators!