Dr. A Barbadilla: PopHumanScan: the online catalog of human genome adaptation



Since the migrations that led humans to colonize Earth, our species has faced frequent adaptive challenges that have left signatures in the landscape of genetic variation and that we can identify in our today’s genomes. Here, we (i) perform an outlier approach on eight different population genetic statistics for 22 non-admixed human populations of the Phase III of the 1000 Genomes Project to detect selective sweeps at different historical ages, as well as events of recurrent positive selection in the human lineage; and (ii) create PopHumanScan, an online catalog that compiles and annotates all candidate regions under selection to facilitate their validation and thoroughly analysis. Well-known examples of human genetic adaptation published elsewhere are included in the catalog, as well as hundreds of other attractive candidates that will require further investigation. Designed as a collaborative database, PopHumanScan aims to become a central repository to share information, guide future studies and help advance our understanding of how selection has modeled our genomes as a response to changes in the environment or lifestyle of human populations. PopHumanScan is open and freely available at https://pophumanscan.uab.cat.