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Members of the IBB will investigate the early diagnosis of Parkinson PDF Imprimir Correu
dijous, 10 juliol de 2014

Researchers from the Folding and Conformational Diseases Group at the Institute of Biotechnology and Biomedicine Group are part of the European project Neuromed to develop molecules and detect biomarkers of this disease before the signs of neurodegeneration become evident.

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Celifast Project receives the second prize in the Ideas Generation Program PDF Imprimir Correu
dilluns, 02 desembre de 2013
The team composed of researchers María Isabel Pividori, Ona Illa and Jean-Didier Maréchal from the Chemistry Dept. and Jofre Ferrer from IBB have been awarded the second place in the Ideas Generation program from the PRUAB.

Awarded with 1500€, the Celifast project proposes the development of  a Point-of-Care biosensor for the rapid diagnosis of Celiac Disease using a drop of blood. The baseline technology has already been tested using clinical samples and has shown a sensitivity of 100%. Its great advantage is giving real time results, thus becoming a faster and less invasive alternative to the currently available tests for gluten intolerance. It is hoped that the diagnostic’s Point-of-Care approach will have a positive impact – specially for the youngest patients – in reducing the future risk of complications due to a late diagnosis. 

The Marató TV3 funds three projects from IBB researchers PDF Imprimir Correu
dilluns, 18 novembre de 2013
Dr. Antoni Villaverde and other team members at the moment of receiving the award

On Tuesday 13 November, during a ceremony that took place at the PRBB, La Marató de TV3 has awarded over 11 million Euros to fund 42 cancer research projects (19 individual and 23 coordinated proposals). It is the biggest investment done in research projects in the history of the Marato’s programme. Three of the proposals that have been selected to be funded over three years (one individual and two coordinated projects) come from IBB researchers.
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Second workshop on Nanomedicine Registration & Call for Abstracts Now Open! PDF Imprimir Correu
divendres, 26 juliol de 2013

Researchers Nerea Roher and Antoni Villaverde from the Institut de Biotecnologia I de Biomedicina (UAB), in collaboration with the Campus of International Excellence (UAB-CEI), are organizing a Workshop on Nanomedicine with the participation of international and local speakers with an international recognition. Lunch and coffee breaks are organized so as to stimulate the interaction and dialogue among all participants. The workshop will take place at the Campus Hotel on the 8 October, and access to the event will be free of charge, although previous registration is required.

During the workshop there will be a poster session that will take place in the afternoon. Call for abstracts has now been launched and the deadline for submission is the 15 September.

This will be a unique opportunity to listen to leading researchers in the field and to interact with them. We encourage you to participate and show your work. The author of the best poster will receive an invitation to take part in the B-Debate meeting on Nanomedicine: current challenges and future perspectives, which will take place between 9-11October at CosmoCaixa.

For further information on the workshop, the poster session  and registration:

Deep survey of ape genetic diversity compiled PDF Imprimir Correu
dijous, 04 juliol de 2013
As a result of an international study involving researchers from the UAB and the IBB. Published in Nature, the study represents one of the most comprehensive and detailed studies made on wild-born populations of this group of primates.
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B-Debate on Nanotechnology in Health – co-organized by IBB and ICN researchers PDF Imprimir Correu
dimecres, 12 juny de 2013
b-debate.jpgResearchers Nerea Roher and Antonio Villaverde from the  Institut de Biotecnologia  i de Biomedicina (IBB) and Victor Puntes from the Institut Català de Nanotecnologia, have been granted a B-Debate project within the 2013 call, to organize a meeting with top-notch experts working in Nanomedicine. “Nanotechnologies in Health: Current Challenges and Future Prospects” will take place during the 9-11 October at CosmoCaixa. The day before the start of the event (8 October), an open workshop on Nanomedicine, addressed to all students and researchers interested on the field, will be held on the campus hotel.
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New details on the mechanism of regulation of cellular division PDF Imprimir Correu
dimecres, 03 abril de 2013

IBB researchers unveil new details on the mechanism of regulation of cellular division and publish the first structure with data acquired at the ALBA Synchrotron 

Protein phosphorylation is one of the most important mechanisms involved in the regulation of protein-protein interactions and thus takes part in many cellular signaling pathways such as the formation and separation of mitotic spindles during cellular division. There is a family of protein kinases called NEKs which take part in the control of the machinery involved in the mitotic spindle microtubule formation. NEK9, along with NEK6 and NEK7, form a signaling cascade which is essential for mitotic progression, as it controls the formation of the mitotic spindle and the organization of centrosomes. These mechanisms must be perfectly regulated to avoid mistakes which might result in pathologies associated to cellular division, such as cancer. The research group on Protein Structure, at the Institut de Biotecnologia i de Biomedicina (IBB) in the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona, lead by David Reverter,  has analyzed the regulation of the NEK9 kinase, which can be activated or deactivated depending on its interaction with LC8 – the regulator protein. Such regulation depends on the phosphorylation of a residue found at the interphase between the two proteins. Using protein crystallography, a technique used in structural biology which allows us to see protein and big molecular complexes at an atomic level, IBB researchers have shown how phosphorylation is enough to regulate the interaction between these two proteins:  kinase NEK9 and the regulator protein LC8. Their results shed a light on the complex regulation pathway for cell division, valuable information when it comes to finding new therapeutic strategies for complex diseases such as cancer. 

The work, published in JBC, is the first with a 3D structure done with data obtained in the BL13-XALOC beam line of the ALBA Synchrotron, and the result of a collaboration between the IBB group with researchers from the IRB Barcelona and the Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems at the Zaragoza University.


The figure shows crystal structures of the LC8 regulatory protein with two peptides from kinase NEK9: on the right, the interactions with a phosphorylated peptide and on the left, with a non-phosphorylated peptide. Taken from fig.2 at  Gallego et al., 2013. Structural analysis of the regulation of the DYNLL/LC8 binding to Nek9 by phosphorylation.
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